Monday, 22 November 2010

It's not my imagination. You loved me once, I know.

Despite dreaming of once becoming an opera singer, Lex Land picked up a guitar and began writing her own music, a career in classical music became a dream of the past. Lex Land's debut album “Orange Days on Lemon Street" showcases an array of lyrical genius:

Yeah and you told me that I was different,
and that you could never be just my friend,
and you'd hold me close, and promise not to go -
we'd fight right through this 'til we'd win.
And I told you that I'd wait - as I handed you my fate,
but you pushed me aside and a part of me died. So,

why are we walking now, when all we've ever done is run?
And how can you let go so easily,
while I'm still thinking you might be the only one -

beautiful melodies and vocals as smooth as honey with a hybrid of tones taking a modern yet reminiscent nod to the likes of Judy Garland, Eva Cassidy, Billie Holiday, and Karen Carpenter, Lex Land is definitely one to watch.

'All We've Ever Done' - Live:

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